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Ian has been based in East Anglia all his life and lives a short distance away from racing's 'HQ' at Newmarket. He has been involved in horse racing on a full-time basis for over 35 years.

Ian's Private Service syndicate has been running successfully since 1994 - one of the longest running services in the country.

Racing information services seem to come and go at an alarming rate; with the 'next master racing tipster' sometimes only lasting a matter of months before disappearing. The very fact that Ian is still in business hopefully says something about the quality of information the Private Service provides.

It must be made clear that Ian is a full-time professional and not a ‘tipster’ – therefore when you join you will have access to the vast majority of the bets from which he makes his living; therefore giving you the best opportunity to make money betting on horses.

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If you are looking to bet every day then it could be that this service is not for you, if on the other hand you can wait for very occasional pieces of strong information then please read on. Ian would love to give more bets than he does but it’s impossible to give a professional bet on a daily basis. If you want to take a more professional approach to your betting and think you have the patience and discipline required then Ian would be delighted to hear from you.

Nobody can promise you instant riches but Ian has a proven track record of making consistent long-term profits. He keeps the service deliberately low-key and specialises in quietly fancied horses away from all the hype. The bets are information based and backed up by his personal selection criteria and are not computer or system generated whatsoever.

Take your punting to the next level and start betting alongside Ian today; please visit the Join Us page for current terms and options.

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